What causes proteinuria? Know everything about it from here!

Yes, proteinuria can be dangerous if not get treated with the right medication. Proteinuria is a serious renal ailment that leads to the excessive loss of protein from the body making you protein deficient.  Protein is an essential compound of our body, every cell in the human body is composed of protein. Your body needs protein to repair cells and make new ones. Your body also needs protein for the growth and development of your muscles and keeping your bones strong and healthy.

Proteinuria majorly occurs when your kidneys stop working properly as they should. In the broadest sense, your fist-sized kidneys have millions of tiny blood tubules which are primed to purify your blood from waste products and also prevent protein from seeping out from the body during the urine elimination process. When damaged, they lose their ability to prevent protein from seeping out from the body which leads to an excessive loss of protein from the body.

Proteinuria mainly causes when you have a high-protein intake which induces extra pressure on your kidneys to overwork in order to get rid of excessive protein from the body. This continuous pressure on your kidneys causes inflammation on your kidneys’ filtering units ( glomeruli) which leads to an excessive loss of protein from the body.

What are the symptoms of proteinuria?

Symptoms of proteinuria are hard to get noticed during the initial stages. A person suffering from proteinuria might not feel any apparent sign at the beginning, however, they may experience some symptoms which include the following-

● Frothy and foamy urine
● Swollen feet, hands, face, or belly
● Having frequent urges to pass urine
● Having severe muscle cramps at night
● Nausea and feeling of throwing up
● Poor appetite
● Shortness of breath
● Loss of appetite
● Puffiness around eyes, especially in the morning

When to seek medical attention?

If you constantly feel the above-mentioned symptoms in your health then it’s important to consult the doctor so that you can prevent the budding threat in time.

What are the causes of proteinuria?

There are several diseases, environmental factors, and agents which can cause inflammation in your glomeruli and lead to excessive loss of protein from the body which includes the following-

● Severe dehydration
● Inflammation
● Kidney stones
● Low blood pressure
● High stress
● Regular ingestion of aspirin
● Very low temperatures
● Intense physical activity
● Having a high blood sugar level
● Cardiovascular disease
● Immune disorders, such as lupus

What are the risk factors?

There are certain environmental factors that can cause inflammation in glomeruli and leads to excessive loss of protein from the body which includes-

● Age factor
● High blood pressure
● Diabetes type 1 or type 2
● If your family has a long history of diabetes and kidney disease
● Continuous intakes of medicines, such as antibiotics and painkillers

Important points to prevent proteinuria

There are certain key takeaways that are mandatory to be followed if you wish for healthy and strong kidneys. Here we’ve listed some key points which you can induce and save your kidneys from developing inflammation-

● Eat more fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables
● Consume less sugar
● Soak vegetables for 20 minutes before cooking to remove excess potassium
● Cut back from high-protein foods
● Achieve your blood sugar goals
● Lower your salt intake
● Add ginger, garlic, and onion to your meals to wind up the toxin elimination process from your body

Ayurvedic treatment for curing proteinuria

There are certain herbs in Ayurveda that are proven effective in curing inflammation of the kidneys and make your kidneys strong and healthy throughout your life. Ayurveda uses a holistic approach in curing any type of health ailments naturally without giving any side effects to your body. Proteinuria natural treatment in Ayurveda uses bio-cleansing procedures panchakarma to get your body to rid off of chemical toxins, pollutants, and other excessive fluids which if left inside for a longer period can bring some severe health ailments including- brain tumor, heart attack, stroke, and even heart attack.

The best ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria involves a precise blend of natural remedies and a well-balanced diet which together function as the primary drivers of the problem to deliver permanent relief from the pain.

Disclaimer: Proteinuria is a chronic health ailment that is required to be chewed down with the right treatment time. It’s advised that you do not make any changes in your diet or schedule without considering your doctor or renal dietitian. The symptom varies from body to body based on age, sex, and nationalities.

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